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28 April 2016

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29 April 2016



26 April 2016

Lower Gwadu Strikes.

Residents of Lower Gwadu took on streets in the past few weeks, complaining about toilets not given to them by government. What seems to be trigger was the fact that some residents from the same village were given the toilets.
Roads were closed and no car could travel trough this village, which serve as important road between the town Willowvale and Villages from the South.

Within few days of strike, toilets were built for the residents. One wonders if this is really the language that government understands in order to communicate with its citizens.

Xhosa King

King "Aah Zwelonke" has recently been crowned officially as King of Amaxhosa. Maybe this is dawn or dusk for them. This remain to be seen as this all depends on the king, his majesty. Will he deliver for his people or he has already been doing so.
But we cannot shy away from the truth that Gatyanians are suffering from many problems. These include access to proper roads, water for 24 hours and health facilities.

For example if there can be tar road from town to Dwesa,that is writing on the wall that jobs would be created. Therefore the inauguration of the King is the hope for his people as there is possibility that he he will tackle these issues.

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